Intuitive Quantum Healing

    Although I am a certified Master Reiki practitioner, I quickly realized the work I was doing was much more that just clearing energetic blockages. It is subatomic. Anything that is subatomic, theoretically, belongs to the quantum. If you look at an atom, it is 99% energy, 1% matter. Your body is a collection of trillions of atoms and is therefore 99% energy, 1% matter. When deduced further, you quickly realize that your physical body, the thing most of us have long given all of our attention, is only one percent of your experience of being alive. Pretty radical stuff.


    In my work, I focus on that other ninety-nine percent, the pure energy that drives our existence. The emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies that are woven into our very genetics;

    all the levels and layers that make us who we are;

    all the levels and layers that contribute to the creation of dis-ease in the body.



    I believe the human body was perfectly engineered to heal itself.

    Sometimes, we need just the right energy to lead our body and soul back to its origin.

    This quantum healing is that gateway.


    60 Minute-In Person Session


    The intuitive sessions vary on a client to client basis. Each healing is based on the bio-feedback that is picked up during the body scan at the beginning of the session. Quantum energetic healing, infused with sound and high vibrational aromas clear energetic blockages and restore balance to the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

    80 Minute In-Person Session


    The loving great aunt of the 60-minute session that takes you to the root source of the energy blockages that are recurring in your life and clearing them. Ideal for individuals that suffer from post traumatic stress, chronic stress and or chronic illness.







    "Excellent and stellar; definitely would recommend to others. I felt glowing, relaxed and clear thinking afterwards. Overall very enlightening, encouraging and clarifying session." -Matt


    "Karen is a healer! The malignant cells that had spread to my lymph were no where to be found when the doctors performed my double mastectomy. I felt whole and healed after and my sessions, which were just wonderful." -J.N.

    "My service was Amazing! I've only had Reiki 1 or 2x and this was a completely different (better) experience. Afterwards, I felt lighter, relaxed. So amazing, I scheduled an appointment for my husband right after." -Amanda S.



    Are you new to energy healing? Here is my recommended preparations before a session.



    It is essential to properly hydrate before and after each session. The more water you have in your system, the more ions (electrolytes) that are present, enables to body to receive more healing energy. Whenever energy is moved, it's a detoxification, so water is key before, during and after a session.



    Please arrive dressed in loose, comfortable clothing. Tight clothing can make you feel constricted. If the body feels constricted, so does the mind, so being comfortable is the most important thing.



    Please arrive ready to enjoy a beautiful, modern, clean, soothing environment that will help you relax and heal.




    Hello, my name is Karen Morgan and I've been in the healing arts for 18 years, but my methodology and approach has evolved as I've shifted and evolved. Rooted in the philosophy that we were born to heal ourselves, my work has morphed from physical body work to pure energetic, quantum work. I am a certified Master Level Reiki practitioner and am extremely honored to work with all of the incredible people I've been blessed to meet.


    I currently see clients at Austin Family Acupuncture in Westlake every Wednesday and Friday 10-5pm, and at Serasana Bee Cave in Lakeway every Tuesday and Thursday from 9-5pm.


    To make an appointment at Serasana Bee Cave, you can book online (click on Specialty Services) or you can call 512.387.8000.


    To make any other appointment, please click on the link above.



    3355 Bee Caves Road, Unit 202 Austin, TX 78746


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    3355 Bee Caves Road, #202
    Austin, TX 78746
    Wednesday & Friday
    Tuesday + Thursday 9am-5pm